Textured & Disconnected

About the textured and disconnected hairstyle

The textured and disconnected haircut is all about balance.

The ‘disconnected’ part of this hairstyle is the abruptly ending length on the sides and on the back of the head. The hair on top is left longer, finishing at the hairlines at either side of the head. A clipper is generally used at the back to fade from long to as close a cut as required.

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We work with men of all ages, all tastes, and all lifestyles. Whatever hair type you have, whether it’s long, short, curly, wavy, or thick, we can work with and find you a great look.

Along with a great haircut we can assist you with haircare advice and help you choose the right product for your look.

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Our team at Baldies Barber love what they do. Whatever style you’re after we’ll help you achieve. Our team work with men of all ages and all hair types, there’s nothing we can’t handle!

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