Side Part Pomp

The side part pomp

This style is a variation of the Modern Pompadour with a side part. Our vintage style barber shop is equipped with comfortable clean barber chairs and we even offer you a hot towel to finish.

Mens barber | Chirnpark - Gold Coast | Side Part Pomp

If you come in without an appointment, we don’t think you’ll mind if you need to wait. One of our friendly team will be happy to offer you a complimentary beverage from our bar until we’re ready! Our barber shop is in Labrador on the Gold Coast. You’re welcome by appointment or as a walk-in.

Get a professional side part pomp or any other men’s haircut

With so many options available in styles and products, knowing what to match with what and how to do it can be tricky. At Baldies Barber shop we understand men. We know you want to keep things simple and look sharp!

We’re not just another barber shop eager to start cutting your hair the moment you walk in. We’ll take the time we need to help you decide the best option for your hair type and your lifestyle. Not everybody needs product, we get that, but if you do, we’ll make sure you get the right product and we can show you how best to use it.

or Just Walk in

bookings only required for special jobs

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