Messy Quiff

The messy quiff

Are you looking for an alternative to the Modern Pompadour?

If shaved or skin-tight sides are not your thing and you still want to keep volume on top, then the messy quiff could be the right haircut for you. The messy quiff works well with most hair types including, thick hair, wavy hair, and straight hair. A sign of a great classic hairstyle is its ability to work well across a wide range of ages and head shapes.

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This iconic hairstyle has stayed in fashion for decades. It’s versatility to combine with different styles allows it to be individualised, think flat top and rockabilly! The longer your hair is on the top, the more options you have for creating different looks using different products for different looks.

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We’ll use scissors and or special clipper techniques to create a messy quiff. A great haircut is about finding one that fits your lifestyle, looks great, and gives you confidence.

Even if you haven’t yet decided on the right haircut, come in and see our team of professional Gold Coast barbers. We never cut or clip before consulting with you and helping you choose a haircut you’ll be thrilled with!

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