Executive Scissor Cut

The executive scissor cut

The executive scissor cut is a close relation of the Disconnected Throwback in that it is a tapered style that contours along the sides giving the wearer an undercut look. As the name suggests, the executive scissor cut is a cut with scissors rather than clippers.

Mens barber | Chirnpark - Gold Coast | Executive Scissor Cut

This cut works well on men with a combover style. This classic should be in the arsenal of every good barber. It requires a high level of technical skill with scissors and a keen eye for detail to keep the hairline balanced well.

You can be confident when you come into Baldies Barber that all our team are well trained on all the classics, including the executive scissor cut. Before we start cutting, we always start with a short consultation to make sure we give you both the cut you want and a cut that looks great and wears well.

Get an executive scissor cut at Baldies Barber Gold Coast

If you’re ready for a change of hairstyle, or you just want a great looking haircut, our technically trained professional barbers at Baldies should be your first call.

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