Easy Slick Back

The easy slick back haircut for a cool corporate look

A great haircut can be the perfect way to complete your corporate wardrobe. If a corporate look is what you’re after, consider the always in style, easy slick back.

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The easy slick back is another undercut style similar to the Modern Pompadour or Disconnected Throwback. When you want a simple and clean hair cut that says ‘let’s get down to business’, the easy slick back could be the hair cut you’ve been waiting for!

When you look good you feel good, and when you feel good, you are happier and more productive. A great haircut is a simple way to give yourself an edge in the looks department.

It’s not just a look for the office, the easy slick back can easily go casual when you do!

Who suits the easy slick back

This style works well for professional men who want to project a mature look rather than playing catch up with the latest fashionable style that may not be right for your hair type.

The ‘easy’ part of easy slick back means no grease, no product, just a natural slick back. Like many hairstyles, matching the right style for the right hair type is critical. Come in and see us at Baldies Barber on the Gold Coast and we’ll let you know if your hair is up to the job!


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