Disconnected Throwback

The disconnected throwback

The disconnected throwback is a men’s haircut fashioned on the old school classic, the slick back hair style. Although this style is somewhat retro, the cut gives a great mix of classic and modern by keeping the sides very short.

Disconnected Throw Back

The key to a great disconnected throwback haircut is to make sure the fade is high enough. The top length must be perfect to seamlessly join with the fade. Clippers are used at the sides to keep a clean and smooth cut.

Getting a great disconnected throwback requires a technically skilled barber. At Baldies Barber on the Gold Coast, all our team are highly trained and up to date with all the latest trends in men’s haircuts and men’s grooming.

Benefits of getting a disconnected throwback haircut


This style of cut is easy to look after and has a casual but well-groomed look. It works well with or without additional product.


This haircut can be a little edgy!  Unlike other layered haircut styles, the sides of a disconnected throwback are not blended.


If you wear product in your hair, the disconnected throwback will give you many opportunities to create as much texture as you wish. Create height and bulk easily or leave it low for the office.

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