Cut Throat Line Up

Why you should choose us for a cut throat line up shave

Before the days of electric shavers and safety razors, men shaved their face with straight razors that need to be regularly sharpened to be effective.

The ritual of shaving has been a rite of passage for men throughout history, and the straight cut throat razor shave is the manly equivalent of having a facial.

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Our cut throat shaves are a relaxing way to get a smooth and close as possible shave.

3 Facts about a cut throat line up shave

  • The blade we use for a cut throat line up produces less skin irritation than regular safety razors or electric razors and has a sharper and smoother cut.
  • Soft whiskers are easier to cut. That’s why the barber gives you a hot towel to wet and heat your face before a shave.
  • A narrow blade is ideal for tight facial areas such as under the nose.

Got a question about cut throat shaving? We can help.

Come in for old-fashioned service and a professional grooming. Our skilled and experienced team specialise in all types of Men’s Cuts and Face Shaves.

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