Modern Pompadour

The modern pompadour

For the man with longer hair, a modern pompadour is classic hairstyle that is extremely versatile. The modern pompadour will leave you with plenty of volume on the top while keeping the sides and back neat and short.

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If you’re not sure what the original pompadour style is, think Elvis! Elvis was probably the most famous person to sport the pompadour in his early years. The long and swept back middle creates a cool voluminous look contrasting with short sides.

In more recent times, the pompadour has made a modern and stylish comeback on the heads of people like U.K. footballer, David Beckham. A combination of the classic pompadour with an undercut to create a sleek alternative modern pompadour.

A modern pompadour can work well with a clean-shaven look, manicured facial hair, or a full beard of any length.

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We can style a modern pompadour haircut to suit different looks by varying the length and texture of your hair. Our Gold Coast barber shop is in Labrador with parking available out front on the street.

A modern pompadour can require some upkeep and product to keep it looking great on a day to day basis. For a pompadour look that requires very little work, try our Side Part Pomp.


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